The Skateboard Art Project is a creative international workshop for artists of any age to experience arts through the skateboard culture. The outreach goal is to involve international artists with the community artists by hosting the event in the US and abroad. Wherever the Skateboard Art Project event is held, the goal is to promote urban and community art, encouraging a visual and verbal dialogue.

Professional visual artist, Sandria Hu developed and coordinated the first Skateboard Art Project held in September of 2015 at the University of Houston at Clear Lake in Houston, Texas. With a donation of one hundred used decks from local Houston skate shop, Kingpinz, and professional visual artists Beto Janz (Toronto, Canada) and Daniel Amora Mora (La Paz, Mexico), facilitating, the public arts workshop program was able to serve one hundred and twenty youth artists from the local school districts and community. Invited artists Beto Janz (Toronto, Canada) is a recognized graphic and skateboard artist, notably in Concrete Wave and Thrasher magazines, and Daniel Amora Mora, is a skateboard board artist and printmaking artist. Each guest artist’s knowledge of the skateboard as an arts material and surface allowed for workshop guests to understand the variety in its use in multimedia such as carving, printmaking, painting and sculpture.

The next Skateboard Art Project community workshop will be in Prague, Czech Republic in October of 2016.  More information will be available soon.