A Brazilian artist living in Toronto. Inspired by Rock’n’Roll and skateboard movements, his work brings the energy and attitude of these cultures. From carving wood to graphic arts, his mindset is to go for it and DIY. His artistic work can be found here.

Craig Morrison, OAEA’s 2012 Art Educator of the Year, is a Toronto based Designer and Founding Teacher of the Oasis Skateboard Factory (OSF). OSF is the world’s first skateboard design high school, where at-risk youth create their own brands, earn credits and graduate by running a skateboard business / professional design studio. His artistic work can be found here.

An independent artist at Taller 64, he works in a studio dedicated to the promotion and appreciation of the printmaking arts.  He continues to do collaborative and academic workshops in Mexico and abroad. His artistic work can be found here.

Sandria Hu is currently an abstract painter and organizer of the Skateboard Art Project in Houston, Texas. She continues her international collaborations through grants and academic projects in the Czech Republic, Serbia, Slovakia, Mexico and Ukraine.  The international collaboration is to provide the exchange of artists through workshops, lectures and presentations. The goal of the workshops and lectures is to foster a hands on approach in the urban and cultural exchange of artists abroad. Her artistic work can be found here.